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'Philanthropy in Action'

Community Foundation in Wales launches philanthropy Week Wales at stunning harp festival launch at Mostyn Hall'

Michael Moritz

Welsh Philanthropist Mr Moritz donated £75 million to Oxford University to help students struggling to pay tuition fees.

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What is Philanthropy Wales ?

Philanthropy Wales is the resource for philanthropists in Wales - a gathering place for people who want to make a difference with their giving. It is a hub for advice, guidance, ideas, signposting and support for people just like you, as you develop your philanthropy.

Philanthropy Wales celebrates giving in all its forms. Philanthropy is for everyone, no matter what their personal wealth. It is a reciprocal act that benefits both giver and receiver; provides meaning and purpose to wealth; and it develops deeper bonds between individuals and their communities.

"Giving can be fun, rewarding and life changing for you and beneficiaries. Sometimes just starting can feel overwhelming, too many choices and questions.

We are here to help you navigate and help you give your time, treasure and talent effectively.

Whether it is a £5 charity donation, a £100,000 strategic grant programme, a day each week volunteering, or sharing your local expertise with a local charity, your giving can make a lasting impact"

Lulu Burridge, philanthropist and Philanthropy Wales initiator.