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Effective Giving

Effective Giving

There are a myriad of ways to give - and give effectively.

Whether it's a £50 charity donation, a £100,000 strategic grants programme or a £1m venture philanthropy investment- your giving can have a lasting impact.

Philanthropy Wales endorses excellent guides to giving that give advice on how to make your giving satisfying, effective and efficient.

Tax-Effective Giving: Find out about tax-effective giving to make the most of your money.

If money is your asset, why not look at "Tax-Effective Giving' by the Institute of Fundraising. Here you can find information about how to give your money effectively and charities that will benefit from your money. Click here to find out about tax-effective giving.

One of the most traditional methods of giving money is leaving a legacy or bequest from your will. It is estimated that UK charities receive £2bn from legacies each year. To read about effective ways to use your money tax-efficiently click here.

Give as You Earn: If you would rather give as you earn, have a look at the Charities Aid Foundation. They make it easy for you to give to charity as you earn. CAF's system allows you to give money to charity from your salary before tax is taken. Click here to see how you can give your money wisely.

Why not look at The Private Equity Foundation. This organisation is committed to unlocking the potential of disadvantaged young people through connecting business and charities. Click here to see how you can help give to a worthwhile foundation.

HM Revenue and Customs has useful links and handy tips that help you decide how and what to do as a philanthropist. Click here for more information.

Give as You Search: Every Click is one of many intelligent funding forums that allows you to raise money as you search the internet, generating advertising revenue that's then given to a charity of your choice. Find out how to join Every Click and their 187,931 fundraisers now!

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