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Get Giving!

Giving can be fun, rewarding and life changing for you and beneficiaries.

Today, sometimes just starting can feel overwhelming - too many choices, too much asking and too much information.

Giving starts with the heart.

"I put as much effort into learning to give money wisely - and take just as much satisfaction - as I got from earning it in the first place. My wealth has transmuted from figures on a sheet of paper to something meaningful.

Once classed as the seventh wealthiest woman in Britain (the arithmetic was doubtless wrong), I am proud to have given away enough to take me out of the rich list.....Giving has made my wealth significant" - Dame Stephanie Shirley

We are here to help you navigate and help you give your time, treasure and talent effectively.

Why not try our quiz and find out what kind of philanthropist you are!? Click here for the Quiz!


Philantropists often give more than money, they dedicate their time and expertise too, supporting the causes that matter to them. If you're unsure of whether your free time can make a change, visit these websites to see what volunteering can achieve:

Wales Council for Voluntary Action - A service that offers guidance and training for volunteers. This is a great place to start if you're looking to volunteer yourself or are starting to think about looking for volunteers for your own charitable project.

Slivers-of-Time System - Innovative and unique, Slivers is an online booking system that helps you find volunteers or part time workers. Linking volunteers with the up-to-date needs of organisations, charities can have immediate access to an entire workforce.

Do-it.org - This website gives potential volunteers the chance to search by location and interest to find opportunities that will interest them. Organisations can also find motivated and skilled volunteers on the same site.

The Community Foundation in Wales offers you the opportunity to see the different groups from all over Wales that you can help with your time or money. Why not set up your own fund that can help groups or individuals that have needs that you feel passionat about?

Donors today are increasingly turning to online giving sites to raise cash and the profile of their cause. If you want to Get Giving then visit these sites:

Local Giving, Just Giving, and Virgin Money Giving 

For a handy guide on what to watch out for with online fundraising, follow this easy guide from Money Saving Expert and know where you stand.

Why not have a look at the Welsh Government's Public Appointments to see how you can give your time for a Public Commitee.

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