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Global Interest

Global Interest

Here are links that will help you see how philanthropy works across the world. This regularly updated section will include signposts to appropriate and relevant resources to inspire and inform you about philanthropy.

- Alice Thomson, writing in The Times, discusses British tendencies to give in a global context. 'Charities must appeal to our heads, not our hearts'.

- Bill Gates' recent speech on a new vision for catalytic philanthropy is reported in Forbes magazine: http://onforb.es/TLf04l

- The BBC highlights the rise in social entrepreneurship in China: http://bbc.in/Q0laH9

- Intersticia director Anni Rowland-Campbell discusses the development of philanthropy as a quantifiable resource http://intersticia.com.au/philanthropy-in-the-quantified-age/

- Writing for The Wall Street Journal, Dan Pallotta asks 'what if we let philanthropies operate like businesses?': http://on.wsj.com/TLgewx

- As part of a new series for the Stanford Social Innovation Review, US philanthropic investment firm Omidyar Network makes the case for a sector-based approach to impact investing: http://bit.ly/Sp39WQ

- New research for the Charities Aid Foundation finds that the generosity of the younger generation is waning: http://bbc.in/QA3xBj

- See how they do it in Indiana: The world's first School of Philanthropy has been approved at Indiana University. Although the Center on Philanthropy has a long history of producing academics and research on philanthropy, the University's local authority has just authorised the creation of the School which will approach the study of philanthropy through academic studies and research curriculum. To visit their website click here. Read about their recent study on the generosity of women here.

- If you wish to spread your philanthropy across several continents and countries, sites like Global Giving and Indiegogo act as global funding platforms for you to support causes that could be thousands of miles away. Make your philanthropy go further.


-The New York Times reports on how investing relates to traditional philanthropy. The New York Times reported on the 28th of September 2012 on how philanthropists are increasingly trying to measure the impact of their giving. Click here to read more.

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