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Michael Moritz

Like all Universities, Oxford has been faced with the recent increase in tuition fees. However in light of a recent donation, Oxford University will be able to offer their poorest students the previous tuition fee rates which stood at £3,500 per year.

This generous and much needed donation of a record breaking £75 million was donated by Michael Moritz who, in light of the donation, modestly commented “I would not be where I am today were it not for the generosity of strangers”.

Originally from Cardiff, Mr Moritz along with his wife Harriet will raise £300 million with matched funding to help those whose household income is below £16,000. Mr Moritz, who attended Oxford University in the 1970’s has alleviated much of the stress that rests on families who are unable to assist their children in funding their University degrees.

Mr Moritz who spoke at Cardiff University raised the importance of Philanthropy and its impact on society. His philanthropic endeavour has enabled dedicated students the opportunity to further their careers and prospects. His donation is hoped to continue to fund students from low income backgrounds in the future by creating a enabling a support package system.

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