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'Local Giving Stars' across Wales challenge everyone to join them and Give More today

31st October 2013

Local heroes across Wales have each been awarded the title of “Give More Star” by a UK-wide giving campaign, in recognition of the work they are doing for their communities. Now they are encouraging everyone across the nation to take part in the upcoming Give More Challenge and pledge to give more to the causes they care about.

Many people across Wales have been awarded a Give More Star and a place on the Give More Challenge map of givers, part of a UK-wide challenge which is launched today. They are all keen to get others thinking about how they can give more time, money or energy to causes they love.

The Give More Challenge was a week of action, encouraging everyone across Wales to make a pledge to give more support to the communities, charities or good causes they care about, and help spread the word to others. For every pledge made, a pin will appear on the Give More Challenge map of giving at www.givemorechallenge.org. During the week everyone across the UK is being asked to help cover their area with people giving more time, money or energy to charities and good causes.

A Give More Challenge Quiz  was launched alongside the map on the 16th September, and will test how much the public know about the issues facing Wales. The aim is for the quiz to raise awareness and support for all charities and community groups across the region and enable those who take it to feel more connected with the communities around them.
‘Pillar of the community’ of Maesglas in Newport, 79-year-old Joan has voluntarily managed the local community centre for 29 years. Joan says: “If you can find a way to give more in your community, then do! I challenge everyone across Newport, and Wales to get on that map and find a way to give more that suits them. Anything you can give will offer up more rewards to you than you can imagine.”

Rachel, of Newport, started using ketamine when she was 14, but came out of the other side clean and turned her life around. Now, through the Kaleidoscope initiative, she volunteers at its substance misuse service in Newport, helping to educate others about what lies down the path they are on. Rachel says: “Giving offers me a real sense of purpose. I help others who are where I once was to get better and whilst there are hard moments, seeing someone benefit from my attention is a huge buzz. I’d like everyone across Caerwent, and Wales to get on the map and pledge to give more in any way they can. So many people can benefit from a little of your time, just small things like a friendly face can change a life.”

Tamar Ghosh, Challenge Campaign Director, says “We’re hoping that every community across Wales will be represented on the Challenge map. All of the work these stars are doing is representative of the many fantastic things going on across Wales right now. The more people who can respond to their challenge and see how they can give more, the better in terms of strengthening communities at what’s proving to be such a difficult time for so many”.

The Give More Challenge is an initiative of the Give More campaign, a movement which has already secured over 32,000 pledges from people across the UK, with 6,000 of those across Wales alone, giving more to charities and good causes they care about