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Intergenerational Philanthropy

16th July 2014

Many philanthropists across Wales involve their children in their own personal philanthropy, through their own Charitable Trusts, Named Fund with their local community foundation or through general charitable gifts. As Theresa Lloyd highlights in her publication, Richer Lives: Why Rich People Give, ‘being involved in philanthropy is a way of making children aware of society and the contribution they can make’.

In a recent article in the Daily Telegraph Stephen Hammersley, chief executive of UK Community Foundations, brought the community foundation’s network of experiences to the debate on intergenerational philanthropy and why many people decide to leave a large majority of their wealth to charitable causes rather than to their children.

“It’s certainly not the case these youngsters think this is objectionable or problematic. The next generation have absorbed some of those values. They do want to make their own way in the world”

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