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A Portrait of Philanthropy in Wales

22nd April 2015

Community Foundation in Wales Chair Janet Lewis-Jones presents the 2014 Philanthropy Awards
 Combining the data of giving (the picture) with reflections, observations and case studies of 35 people who are actively giving in Wales today (portraits), this volume serves to highlight the range of motivations and considerations that inform donors in their philanthropy.  It brings a uniquely Welsh dimension, focusing on philanthropists who live, work and/or give in Wales. 
The report speaks from the Foundation's pool of knowledge, and the experiences of walking alongside people who want to make a difference with their giving and in their communities.   The Foundation believes that everyone can be a philanthropist, regardless of the scale of their wealth and giving, the reflections we have gathered are from those who give at globally significant levels, as well as those who give very modestly.
As a national community foundation, the Community Foundation in Wales is in the unusual position of operating at UK, national, regional and local levels.  This positioning is appreciated by their private clients - philanthropists who are keen to make a strategic impact with their giving, improving the lives of people in communities of geography or cause, that they are passionate about. 
As the only organisation in Wales dedicated to promoting and managing philanthropy, the Community Foundation in Wales has a strong sense of responsibility and ambition to be at the heart of where philanthropy meets community in our nation.  A testament to this is their work in creating the Fund for Wales, the world’s only national community endowment fund, and an annual Philanthropy Week.  They are currently planning their fifth Philanthropy Week for November 2015.  
The report can be viewed online and downloaded for free. If you’d like further information about the publication please contact the Community Foundation in Wales on info@cfiw.org.uk