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Philanthropy Resources


This section of Philanthropy Wales is dedicated to providing worthwhile, informative and interesting resources concerning the state of philanthropy in Wales and its wider place in the world. Take some time to browse through the compiled articles and features aimed at furthering an understanding of philanthropy. With links to the latest reports, book reviews, conferences and ongoing research, Philanthropy Wales gives you the best view of philanthropy today. 


Welsh Philanthropy

A depiction in figures of how Philanthropy looks across the UK and in Wales.

Top Philanthropy Publications 

Suggestions for further reading and carefully considered Philanthropic publications will help you find support for the interest you have in Philanthropy.

Venture Philanthropy

An introduction to Venture Philanthropy and how it can help local organisations and communities.

Online Resources 

Advice from a source well placed at the heart of Philanthropy on the best places to visit online.

Global Philanthropy 

Links that allow you to see the effect philanthropy has across the world.

What is Philanthropy? What is
Effective Giving Effective Giving
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