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Tom's Tips

Tom's Tips

What can I find in this section?

Tom’s tips is a regularly updated area where you can find some of the latest thinking on issues relating to philanthropy and social needs in Wales.

Who is Tom? 

Tom is the Community Foundation in Wales' Grants & Research Officer and is responsible for keeping the team up to date on new thinking and publications relating to philanthropy and charitable giving.



Tom's Top Philanthropy Websites

Philanthropy UK

Provides advice to aspiring philanthropists by developing and sharing the latest information and best practice on giving and providing links to specialists in the field.


New Philanthropy Capitol

A consultancy and think tank which carries out research into social issues and analysis of the charity sector to help funders and charities achieve a greater impact. If you register (which is free!) you can gain access to a wealth of reports written by NPC.


Ambassadors for Philanthropy

A global philanthropic movement aiming to develop a fellowship of philanthropists.


Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy (CGAP)

The UK’s first research centre for charitable Giving and Philanthropy. CGAP is a consortium of research institutions which aims to develop knowledge and engage with donors, charities and practitioners.


Institute for Philanthropy

Works to increase effective philanthropy in the UK through donor education, building donor networks and raising awareness and understanding of philanthropy.


The Community Foundation in Wales

Theplace for Philanthropy in Wales, the Foundation provides philanthropy advice, fund management and grant –making services in order to build long-term sources of funding which empower and strengthen communities across Wales.

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