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Top Philanthropy Publications

Top Philanthropic Publications

Philanthrocapitalism: How the Rich can Save the World and Why We Should Let them by Matthew Bishop and Michael Green. The definitive insight into how private wealth can provide long-term solutions to some of the wrold's most pressing problems. Click here to read the Telegraph's review.

The New Philanthropists by Charles Handy. A useful primer to the motivations and drivers for modern day philanthropy featuring case studies of philanthropists. To read more click here.

Inspiring Local Philanthropy: Making a Difference in Local Communities by Coutts. This guide to giving, written in conjunction with new philanthropy Capital and the Community Foundation Network, aims to inspire and encourage local philanthropy. It is an excellent introductory tool for people who want to start making a difference at a local level. To read more click here.

Give Differently: a how guide to philanthropy by the Institute for Philanthropy. To read more click here.

Philanthropy Matters by The Center on Philanthropy. This magazine is produced every six weeks, providing the latest news and ideas concerning the third sector.It features the need-to-know results from the latest research stemming from the First School of Philanthropy. Click to read more.

Top reports and articles on philanthropy

This is just a taster...an extensive list will be complied shortly!

    • Third Sector Statistical Resource, 2011, Wales Council for Voluntary Action. Click here to read more.

    • Manifesto for Community Philanthropy, Community Foundation Network. Click here to read more.

    • Giving Green Paper, HM Government 2010.Click here to read more.

    • Coutts Million Pound Donors report, 2011. Click here to read more.

    • Inspiring Local Giving, New Philanthropy Capital, June 2011. Click here to read more.

    • Philanthropic Lives, The Unique Experiences of Eight UK Philanthropists, JP Morgan (research by New Philanthropy Capital). Click here to read more.

    • UK Giving 2010, CAF/NCVO. Click here to read more.

    • Top 10 Trends in British Philanthropy, Philanthropy UK, Click here to read more.

    • Theresa Lloyd, Why Rich People Give, Philanthropy UK. Click here to read more.

    • How generous is the UK? Charitable giving in the context of household spending, CGAP, Click here to read more.

    • UK household giving- new results on regional trends 2001-08, CGAP, Click here to read more.

    • Pamela Wiepking & Beth Breeze, Feeling Poor, Acting Stingy: the Effect of Money perceptions on Charitable Giving. Click here to read more.

    • Sunday Times Giving List 2011. Click here to read more,

    • Cathy Pharoah & Charles Keidan, Family Foundation Giving Trends 2011, CGAP. Click here to read more.

    • A survey of Wealth and Philanthropy, 2006, The Economist. Click here to read more.

    • A call to action, recommendations from the Philanthropy Review, June 2011.Click here to read more.

    • Civil Society News, independent news company, Click here to read more of the latest bulletins.

    • Centre for Chartiable Giving and Philanthropy (GCAP), the UK's first Centre of Charitable Giving focused on several research outputs. Click here to read more.

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